Let your business take off on


Running a startup and looking to spread your wings?

Searching for a business model to ensure profitable growth?

Unafraid to jump in at the deep end?

Have the know-how, a team of professionals, a really good idea, but not enough money?

If this rings true, it is us you have been waiting for. And we even dare say we have found you!
Come join us on a journey into the world of major players – NewConnect.

Who are we?

Why are startup owners so close to our hearts? For years, we have been keeping a watchful eye on all promising startups in Poland. We look for those with the greatest potential. We dive for pearls and help sell them at a high profit.

We love working with innovative, creative and open-minded entrepreneurs. We watch and visualize them on a “mini stock exchange.” If they wish, we give them a helping hand and take care of them. We become their mentors and guide them safely through the maze of stock market requirements.


we are for you

No matter what industry you operate in. You have an interesting outlook on the world, and we know how to monetise it. Your business is like an exotic plant, we build a greenhouse for it and bring in gardeners with their big wallets.

Simply put: we do our best to get your startup listed on the NewConnect Alternative Trading System.

let's get started!

Trust us and let us do the work. We are authorised advisors, although we prefer to call ourselves custodians. To us, our customers are like our own company: we want them to succeed and grow in strength.

What does our mentoring entail? Once we get to know a startup, we prepare a development analysis. We develop and draw up a calendar of events that are necessary to launch the business on the NewConnect trading floor. We assist in completing all the formalities. We make sure all the requirements are met. We take the burden of looking for pre-issue investors off your shoulders. We provide support in building the market. We do the talking with global investors. We know how to talk effectively: no waffling, all profit. Finally, we put you on the red-hot NewConnect trading floor.